Top 50 items on your Geek’s Christmas List

With Christmas almost here, I thought I’d share with you some cool geeky items that are flowing around the interwebs. Some of these items would be great for your desk, some for home, and some for just plan fun.

Hopefully, you’ll find some great gift ideas for that geek in your life or the geek in us all. So in no particular order I give you. The Noob News Top 50 Items on your Geek’s Christmas List 2010.

1. KnockKnock Products — $3.25 – $27.50

There is so much awesome stuff at this site that I could write a whole list on just the top 20 or 30 items from KnockKnock Products if I so desired. This is why it’s first on my list. Great for the office, your home and even the gifts you may be making. I just love this site and it’s array of wonderful items.

2. GeekDesk — $749 – $799

One item on my own shopping list in the future, is the Geek Desk. This nice desk has a motorized adjustable height for either sitting or standing great for those that don’t want to sit for hours at a time or need to work with multiple people. It comes in two sizes, the Original and the Mini.

3. The Squier® Stratocaster® Guitar and Controller — $279.99

Now for you hard core Rock Band fans who want to learn a real guitar, I bring you the Squier® by Fender® Stratocaster® Guitar and Controller. Now this guitar doesn’t come out till March 1, 2011 but starting January 1, 2011 you can preorder this bad boy for yourself. For the $279.99 price tag, you get a pretty damn good guitar. It not only will it plug into the Xbox, Wii or PS3 thru a Mad Catz® MIDI PRO Adaptor™ (unfortunately sold separately), but it has a output jack for your amp and the MIDI port can plug into any computer that is MIDI capable so you can record yourself or play with your friends.

4. Fisher Space Pens — $25.00 – $80.00

What’s a geek without an awesome pen? What geek doesn’t want a pen with the word “space” in it? These pens are some of the best I’ve ever used. Not only will these pens write in space, but in freezing cold, searing heat and underwater. Now I can finally write my ideas down when I’m in the pool. One of my favorites in this line are the Original Astronaut style pens but the bullet style ones look very sleek and sexy too for those geek chic out there.

5. Motherboard Pencil Cup — $19.99

Now that we have a geeky pen we have to have a geeky cup for it to sit in at our desk. No Geek shopping list can stray too far from Made from recycled motherboards this lets your geek not only reflect their awesome high-tech lifestyle, but is also green and eco-conscious. “Keep those harmful heavy-metals and chemicals out of your groundwater and landfills, and keep ‘em on your desk where they belong!”

6. Sharpie Liquid Pencil — $3.98

Let’s add one more item to our Motherboard Pencil Cup. This innovated new No. 2 equivalent Pencil writes like a pen, with liquid graphite, erases like a pencil and becomes permanent after a day. A steal around $3.50, for that geek college or high school student in your life.

7. USB LED Beverage Cooler — $19.99

This little fridge fits and looks great on your desk. Fits any average 12 Fl Oz drink, and keeps it perfectly chilled via USB power. Though I’m not sure that I can fit a Four Loko in there just yet, umm field test maybe?

8.USB Doomsday Device Hub — $49.99

Not only is this a 4 USB hub, but it’s a powerful statement of you position in life. “But what really happens when you press the button? We’re not sure. Perhaps 15 kittens explode; perhaps your bank account lowers by a fraction of a cent; perhaps you start an interplanetary war trillions of parsecs away by blowing up the caravan of Queen Knorb’l.”

9. Transformers War for Cybertron Action Figures — $9.00 – $12.99

If you loved the Transformers: War for Cybertron game as much as I did, then you’ll love these new toy versions of the characters from the game. Part of the Transformers Generation 2 series, I was only able to find Cybertronian versions of Megatron, SoundWave, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

10. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter — $24.99

Join the NCC-1701 Enterprise from the Original Series on it’s five year mission to boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before! This Laser Etched Stainless steel blade with solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body, is as futuristic as the “real thing.”

11. iPhone Bottle Opener — $31.00

Now I hear you asking “Do you really need to open your beer with your phone?” To this I say “Yes, damn straight I do.”

12. The Glif — $20.00

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Zaguto iPhone Point ‘N’ Shoot, which is a more steady-cam like stand, this item is the only other thing like it coming to market soon. This Kickstarter-funded iPhone stand not only works with a tripod but as a kickstand for everyday use. Though it’s not out yet, at the price point it’s selling for, it’s a sure money maker this next year.

13. Cellphone Hand Stand — $14.99

Yet another smartphone stand? Well I just love the look of this one and so will your geek when the oohs and awes of his admiring co-workers come his way, when they see this.

14. NES Controller iPhone Case — $46.29

Any classic gamer geek would love to deck their iPhone 4 out in this old school NES controler Case.

15. Mophie Juice Pack Air™ For iPhone 4 — $79.95

Mophine’s newest invention is part iPhone case and part battery pack, nearly doubling the energy reserves of the iPhone 4. The Juice gives you more time to check your tweets, text your mates, and slam those Angry Birds into more walls.

16. Moshi Moshi Handset — $59.99 – $179.99

Are you tried of always having to talk on your mobile phone at work? Why not plug it into the Moshi Moshi Handset, turning your mobile into a handset. This allows you to talk on the phone while also accessing your address book, plan your routes, or play Words for Friends.

17. SoundClip iPhone Audio Booster — $7.99

This great little device helps amply the audio on your iPhone, by directing sound toward you. Big plus, it uses no batteries.

18. Beanbag Cellphone Chair — $9.99

You work hard, and your mobile does too. Don’t you think your phone deserves a rest. This diminutive beanbag chair is scientifically proven to be the most comfortable cellphone chair on the market. Don’t wait till it’s too late order now.

19. Urbanears Clip-In Earbuds — $49.99

These sleek and beautiful earbuds fit great in your ear without having to invade your ear canal. It comes with the same play/pause remote that the iPhone earbuds have, and has a cloth-wrapped cable. Treat yourself and your ears this Christmas.

20. Android Plush Robot — $9.99

Show your love for the Android phone market with this love-able green plush, with fully posable articulated head and arms. “As with all ThinkGeek robots, guaranteed to be three laws safe.”

21. Etch A Sketch iPad Case — $39.99

Men don’t stop playing with toys the toys just get more expensive. Let your inner child out with this awesome Etch-a-Sketch iPad Case. Just make sure you’re ok with everyone shaking your apps off the screen.

22. Posable Desk Sculpture — $5.95

For those artistic geek out there, I give you the Posable Desk Sculpture. Great for defining your desk art in new ways.

23. Mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives — $29.95 and up

These guys are on my wishlist every year, yet I still have not a one. I love the designs that the community has driven for Mimobot and the licensed drives as well. This is one geek gift that is sure to please even the most avid geek.

25. CubeeCraft Figures — FREE

I first saw these when my friend Jonathan was making one for his desk. I just love these guys and for the price — free — who can complain. These are great gifts if you have access to a nice printer and card stock paper then you can make some great stocking stuffers. I’ve spent hours on this site just perusing the sear volume of the cast of characters they have available.

26. Pac-Man Type Card Case — $47.60

Go old school once more with this stylish Pac-Man business card case. Everyone will have to respect your geek gamer credit then right? Right?

27. Rubber Bandit Rubber Band Shooting Pen — $4.99

Silly little office toy I saw that any geek would love to have in his arsenal. Comes with 6 aerodynamic rubber bands ready to decimate your enemies.

28. Angry Birds Plush Toys — $14.99

The ideal accessory for the Angry Birds fan in your life.

29. C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror — $7.99

Keep ninja’s from sneaking up on your geek with this rearview monitor mirror. It easily attaches to any monitor with velcro and let’s them get back to their “research.”

30. USB Lightsaber Lamp — $25.99

Tired of that pesky sith manager at work, slay them with this USB powered Lightsaber Lamp. The base charges the lamp which can be removed and handled like the real thing. If you love lamps and you love Star Wars, this office accessory is a no brainer.

31. Star Wars Wampa Rug — $99.99

Remember how Luke fought one of these things in the opening scenes of The Empire Strikes Back? Remember how he then almost froze to death like a little sissy? Don’t be like that guy. (Slave Leia not included)

32. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag — $99.99

Oh yeah and for “that guy”, heres a way to keep warm.

33. Star Wars Plush w/Sound — $8.99 – $39.99

You can get Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda or R2DS in sizes from 4″ to 15″. Comes with signature sound effects a great deal for that geek who has everything (minus his man card).

34. Giant C-3PO Plush Transforming Backpack — $39.99

Do I really have to sell you on this one?

35. Star Wars Belt Buckles — $23.99

Let your geek show their allegiance with one of these die cast metal belt-buckles.

36. Disney Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Wii — $69.99

Disney’s falesto hero returns to the medium he’s yet to conquer, the Video Game domain. This game looks amazing and the collector’s edition is one of the best around, and it’s for the Wii of all systems. The Collector’s Edition contains a five-inch Disney Epic Mickey figurine, a Wii console skin and remote faceplate, a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes videos, and, of, course, the game. This paint based adventure makes me want to dust off my Wii and give this a whirl.NPR recently had a great story about the composer for Epic Mickey, Warren Spector.

Check out a quick trailer for the game:

37. Disney Epic Mickey Wii Charging Station & Paintbrush Nunchuck— $49.99 & $19.99

For the huge Disney geek in your life, you need to get the Epic Mickey collector’s edition you might as well get these exquisite examples of marketing.

38. Dead Rising 2 Collector’s Editions – Zombrex Edition(pictured) & High Stakes Edition — $69.99 & $89.99

Most games just give you one choice for a collector’s edition but Dead Rising gives us two place to spend our hard earned cash. “Zombrex Edition” comes with a two-disc steelbook case that comes with a Zombrex syringe pen, a prescription notepad, a safety card, a 16-page Zombrex” prospectus sales brochure, and a 48-page artwork. The PlayStation 3 versions comes with a Blu-Ray disc featuring a 24-minute “making of” feature, and a voucher for a dynamic Xross Media Bar theme. The 360 version gets a “high definition game disc” with the 83 minute “Zombrex Dead Rising Sun” movie and the 24-minute “making of featurette.”

The “High Stakes Edition,” available only from Capcom’s online store, includes the game; a poker set with 100 poker chips, bloody playing cards, dice, and a dealer chip; a Fortune City visitor map (which doubles, conveniently, as a map of the game’s locations); and a Terror is Reality ticket with a voucher for a “Psycho” costume and skill pack. One of the $90 bundles will include a golden Terror is Reality ticket, which will entitle the lucky winner to a six-foot “Burt the Zombie” replica. That’s right, you pay $90 for the chance at winning a big prize (well, among other things). That’s gamblin’. Kind of. We’d argue that the real winner is anyone not burdened with a giant zombie statue.

39. The Walking Dead Compendium — $49.99

For those of you who love drama and zombies, or have watched a few episodes of the series on AMC. I present to you The Walking Dead Compendium, this beautiful book contains over 1000 pages of zombieliciousness, and compiles the first 48 issues of The Walking Dead.

40. Walking Dead Zombie Figurines — $24.95 – $99.99

Created by Clayburn Moore of CS Moore Studios, these beautiful statues and statuettes contain the zombie wonder that we all have in our hearts.

41. Desk Leg Lamp — $39.99

For the ultimate movie geek Christmas gift, I give you the Christmas Story Desk Leg Lamp. Need I say more….

42. Playstation Move Starter Bundle & Microsoft Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures — $99.99 & $149.99

What can I say this whole motion sensor thing the Wii has rubbed off on it’s more popular cousins. Both of these are amazing tech and any gamer geek would love to have it for themselves, especially if their not paying for it.

43. Settlers of Catan — $25.99 and up

The scene Thanksgiving 2009, my uncle pulls forth from the ether this gem and the rest of my break from work was spent scouring resources and dominating my kin in the land of Catan. This award winning series is one of the best new games I’ve seen in years. The board games are great and it comes in a veraity of electronic forms which in the long run is much cheaper. If you can, try the Xbox Live Arcade version I just love it.

44. Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition — $69.99

Fallout games have always had a hold of my heart and mind ever since the first one came to the PC. This newest escapade into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout comes in a great collector’s edition that includes a bunch of goodies modeled after items found in the game, including a set of seven casino chips representing casinos from the game, a special “Lucky 38 platinum chip,” a deck of cards with New Vegas character imagery (“Use the cards to play poker, blackjack or Caravan, an original card game that was created by Obsidian especially for New Vegas!”). A hardcover graphic novel, “All Roads,” written by Obsidian creative director Chris Avellone, and a making-of DVD are also included in the package.

45. Glitch Gaming Gear — Variable

This great little start up is the premier brand for video game t-shirts and apparel. Licenses with Valve and Tripwire, allow them to make some pretty kick-ass designs. Including my favorites here and here.

46. The Nerd Machine Shirts — $22.00

New kid in the fashion world Nerd Machine has come out strong with its first attempt at geek-related clothing. This wicked robot may seem like an Optimus Prime wannabe, but if you look closer you’ll see that he’s really constructed out of everything that made childhood awesome. Join Zachary Levi, I mean Denzel Washington, in creating his world renowned empire of Nerdom.

47. Geek Movies on Blu-Ray

48. World of Warcraft Series 6 Figures — $39.99 – $49.99

Expanding upon the already impressive line of WoW figures, Series 6 debuts Sylvanas Windrunner, the Forsaken Queen; Gibzz Sparklighter, the Goblin Tinker; and Magni Bronzebeard, the Dwarven King. The figures are especially respectable for the price.

49. The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Aniversary Music Box — $499.99

Warner Bros. Records will be releasting this massive collection which features the 13 original scores that Elfman has composed from Burton’s iconic films in February 2011. It will be a 16 CD set packaged with artwork by Burton, adding up to more then 19 hours of music, inculding 7 hours of previously-unreleased masters, demos, work tapes and other rarities. This is a must have for the ultimate Tim Burton/Danny Elfman fan.

50. Microsoft Surface — $12,500

The Surface’s multi-touch display allows multiple users to manipulate digital content. Over 100 partners have started developing software for the device, which is aimed at businesses within the hospitality industry. The uses for Microsoft Surface range from playing games to browsing sites. So what can you do with it, watch the video below for the reason my family wants one so badly.

Final Words

Well this wraps up the holiday gift round up for 2010. I hope you found some great ideas here and treat your geek to the best Christmas yet. If you have any suggestions for this list please put them in the talkback below we’d love to hear from you.

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