7 Ways a Small Penis Can Still Satisfy

In the never-ending penis size debate, there will always be two camps: the “size matters” people and the people stuck with small penises. Well, to be honest, I always was a size queen until I discovered that I was wrong.

Actually, a small penis can be more than enough for any woman. As it turns out, it really is all about the motion of the ocean… and some other key points. Here are seven ways a woman can be more than satisfied by a man with a smaller than average penis.

Hey Ladies, Work It Out

Ladies, make sure your pelvic floor muscles are strong. Do your kegels and keep your cookie tight and toned and his penis size is not going to matter that much. Think about it, a tampon doesn’t fall out of you and getting finger banged feels great. You don’t actually need a man with a penis big enough to bruise your cervix to have a great time.

Now some advice for the guys:

Find The G-Spot

Learn how to find her g-spot — some (presumably male) scientists have claimed that there’s no such thing as a g-spot. This particularly pisses me off because guys who believe this bullshit will stop trying to find it. Believe me, it exists, and it is worth it to find it. If you’ve ever wanted to see a girl squirt, take the time to locate it.

Take Your Time

Have foreplay — and lots of it. Learn how to lick a clit very very well. If you can manage to find and massage the g-spot at the same time, chances are I’d jump in the sack with you again even if you’re impotent. Lots of kissing and touching and licking can go a long way, add those fingers into the mix while you’re down there and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Trust me.

Learn the Right Sex Positions

Experiment with different positions that allow deep penetration and clit stimulation by both of you. Doggy style with her legs closed is a universal favorite and the rabbit ear position with the girl on her back and legs drawn back to her ears is also a great position that allows plenty of access to the clit. When we’re both really hot you could be pounding me with 4 inches or 8 and it won’t matter. The mind is the largest erogenous zone and if we’re both into it hot and heavy it’s going to be good, no matter what size you are.

Grooming is Important

Have great personal hygiene. Trimming your pubes close and shaving your balls is neat, clean and hygienic, and we all want that. But also, for those men who are a little insecure about their penis size, there’s another benefit here. Shaving or trimming pubic hair will make your penis look larger too.

Be Prepared

Rub one out before a date so you can last longer. This is a no-brainer. If you’re small and a minute man, you might not get a second chance to prove that size truly doesn’t matter. Take care of business before the main even so that you can last when the time comes. Even if you have a large penis, two minutes is not great sex.

Be Confident

Don’t be insecure about it. Confidence is sexy. You will be able to satisfy any woman through foreplay, oral sex and manual stimulation. If you can make her cum once or even several times before even putting it in, it truly makes no difference if your penis is small. If you’ve turned me on so much that I’m practically begging for it, chances are I already consider you a great sex partner.

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