6 Types of Website Commenters

Having written various blogs for a number of years I’ve come across a number of people in my day.  When you have lots of readers you can get all type of people contributing to your site in ways you never thought possible.

That simple little “comment” function can tell a whole lot about a person.  You’d be surprised but commenting on a website isn’t just about supporting or hating a site.  It’s telling the world a little bit about who you are.

So I’ve decided to concentrate on six types of website commenters I’ve come across during my time as a writer…..

The Blatant Spammers

You almost have to hand it to these people who actually have the nerve to come to a site, not read a thing, go straight to the comment section and write something along the lines of “check out the best online pharmacy here!”  And the word “here” will have a URL that will take you to some spammy sales site.  I’m surprised these commenters still exist and that some person out there actually pays these people to make 100s of these comments a day.

The Subtle Spammers

I don’t blame many of these types of commenters because I was once one of them.  Usually when a website is first starting off an author tries to grow it using various methods.  One of these methods is commenting on other websites.  Now,  the key is to make informative and interesting comments so the site (s) authors take notice.  And also you want to leave your website address in your signature so that there’s a backlink to your site.  People may do this for months but it eventually gets boring and folks find other ways to get traffic and backlinks to their site.  Hey, as long as decent comments are being made I don’t care about you leaving your link.

Those who do nothing but criticize

There are always those people who have nothing better to do with their time than come to a website and bitch about whatever is being written.  An article could be flawless with the exception of one sentence and a person might make a comment criticizing that one error and call the author a horrible writer.   I mean come on folks.  What the hell is your problem?  If you don’t like something at least explain yourself.

The novel writers

These are the people who make comments that are actually longer than the articles themselves.   I’m pretty sure this group has way too much time on their hands.  While I appreciate the effort, try toning it down to one paragraph will ya?  I mean Jesus.

The one liners

“Nice post!”  “Good job.”   Boy are these comments a waste of time.  Usually these people fall in the spamming category and like to leave their links but on occasion you just get some lazy people who enjoy your site and have nothing better to write than things like tiny little one liners.  I guess that’s better than nothing but it’s still kind of annoying.

Actual, real contributers

These are real fans to a given website.  I would call them your “regulars.”  9 times out of 10 they make insightful comments.  They may even be negative at times but at least back up their words with explanations.  They truly interact with other commenters and the author.  These are a rare breed but are always appreciated.

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