20 Most Horrific Ways to Die!

Dying is something every human being in existence will eventually face. Some will die peacefully in their sleep, while some will die doing what they love the most ie, sex, bungee jumping, car racing or shooting. Some however will die by probably the most painful way known to man.

They will not only lose those precious years left but do it in such a way their last few remaining minutes will be absolute torture, no one at all will want this to happen to them. Whether you believe in god or you don’t dying is something most will want to happen naturally and peacefully.

We’ve selected 20 of the most horrific ways possible to die. Sure there will be some that we miss but I think we’ve covered most chances..

Enjoy…kind of.


Nailed to the Cross

Reasons are quite obvious. Nailed to a wooden pole, left to die from starvation, dehydration, eventually suffercation while the weight of your body causes immense strain on your already weakened arms..


Burnt Alive

Not only being burnt alive but physically having your body under such immense heat you cannot breath and basically get cremated while alive..not nice at all. The smell is something very potent and disturbing..



Some have claimed of a euphoric type of feeling when they drowned. Clearly they didn’t drown as drowning causes your lungs to implode and when you try to breath end up breath blood before you shortly die. Not pretty.


Arrow in the Eye

Many great noble leaders have died from Arrow in the eye, we thank them for the leadership but sympathize for their painful and awful death. It’s a hard one to swallow and there’s no real good outlook from it..the child below survived.


Falling onto a rusty pole

Not particularly lovely having a pole slowing make it’s way through your body. Having it pulled from you will probably result in you dying from the sheer shock of pain anyway.


Great White Shark

Being eaten by a Great White Shark is something many people have a fear of. Jaws is specifically to thank for this fear increasing. The chances are very very very rare but just in case it happens, punch the eye.


Buried Alive

Dying from suffocation is a big fear for many people. Having 5 tons of earth on top of you will just heighten the issue.


Falling from a Building

Not only have the problem of knowing your about to die but have the painful splatter of your entire body parts which of course might not kill you instantly..


Eaten by a Psycho Killer

Some killers have operated by feeding their victims with a drug that creates temporary paralysis (not being able to move only see and hear) then tuck into their victims with butchers knives etc. This is not pleasant.


Electric Chair

Having more volts of electricity running through you than a small town is a horrific prospect. The smell, the pain and the length of time some people take to die is just not worth thinking about.


Hung on a Meat Hook

One of the most awful ways to die in my opinion, getting hung on a meat hook is just something that makes me itch. The sheer pain and vulnerability while you lay at someones mercy is disturbing..


Getting caught in a Combine Harvester

Can you imagine the pain that must exist by having this happen. I always thought a Combine Harvester was quite a peaceful vehicle….


Hung, drawn, and quartered

Medieval Britain was just a complete torture fest. How can we make this lad’s death even worse? Oh I know we’ll use 3 different methods to kill him..


The Head Crusher

Teeth implode, Eye balls burst from there sockets and brain matter squirted from their ears……..It’s still used….


Skinned Alive

Imagine having your skin being cut off by a razor blade then pure acid thrown onto it… That’s horrific.



Having your head lopped off sounds very simple and painful. Once it’s done it’s done. Unfortunately many Decapitation’s are messy and none that quick and painless. Many victims can lives minutes after it occurs and reports have been noted of heads rolling around..



Depends on the poison but old school venom etc will rot your insides and make you cry before you die. Not pleasant. Romeo would not have gone that easily..


HIV / Cancer

While some treatments etc can be painful it’s the whole aspect we’re looking at here as being horrific. Not just for the person but their family too. Best of luck to any currently experiencing a situation like this..


Listening to Michael Bolton

As you can tell we’re not a fan of his music, not to say he’s untalented but for us this would be a really horrific way to die..


Smashing your face on a cliff

Personally we say this because of the video below. It’s very very graphic and if the guy did survive then he’s a lucky sod, with injuries this bad we’re assuming the worst. Please be warned it’s very very very graphic.

Link Here – <<< — Once again this is very very very very graphic. You have been warned..

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