60 Incredible Aerial Photos You Must See

Region of Kitaa, Groenland, Danemark

A compilation of 60 Incredible Pictures, all taken by the very talented photographer, Yann Arthus Bertrand. Each and every one of these pictures are truly incredible, and the selection of pictures includes spectacular aerial views from various countries around the world.

It’s hard to pick a stand out picture as there are so many great pictures, but if you have any comments please let us know.

Camels in India

Breeding near lake coleridge, New Zealand

Factory on an island, east of Hiroshima Honshu Japan

Windmills of Banning Pass, Palm Springs, California, US

Storm over the Amazon Rainforest

Wollman rink in Central Park, New York City, United States

Northern gannet colony, Eldey island, Iceland

The Corcovado overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Unloading trucks in Lagos, Nigeria

Barringer Crater Near Flagstaff, Northern Arizona, United States

Charles de Gaulle Etoile square, Paris, France

Boat near Tagbilaran Island of Bohol, Philippines

Aligre market in the XII arrondissement, Paris, France

Financial District, Manhattan New York, United States

Grounded boat, Aral sea Aralsk region, Kazakhstan

Fishing nets on the Beach, Saham, Oman

Folgefonni Glacier on the high plateus of Norway

Meanders in the Amazon River near Manaus, Brazil

The Arecibo radio telescope, Puerto Rico

Town of Koh Pannyi Phand, Nga Nay, Thailand

Houses on stilts at Fisherman’s Point, Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

Deforestation in the national parc of Los Haitises, Dominican Republic

Islet and sea bed, Exuma Cays, Bahamas

Volcano of Rano Raraku national park of Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile

Masai cattle pan near Masaï Mara National Reserve, Kenya

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