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10 Most Expensive Catastrophes in History

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The 10 Oldest Bars in the United States

White Horse Tavern; Newport, RI (1673) The Broad Axe Tavern; Ambler, PA (1681) Old Yarmouth Inn; Yarmouth Port, MA [Cape Cod] (1696) Robert Morris Inn; Oxford, MD (1710) Longfellow’s Wayside Inn; Sudbury, MA (1716) Barnsboro Inn; Sewell, NJ (1720) Three Tuns Tavern; Mount Holly, NJ (1723) Jessop’s Tavern; New Castle, DE (1724) Logan Inn; New […]

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Top 10 Most Overlooked Mysteries in History

10. Rongorongo While many people know of the Moai of Easter Island, not that many people know of the other mystery associated with Easter Island. ‘Rongorongo’ is the hieroglyphic written language of the region’s earlier inhabitants. Rongorongo is strange in that no other neighbouring oceanic people used a written language. It appeared around the 1700s, […]

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