The 8 Greatest Racks Space Has Ever Seen

If there are two things that can swell a pair of Levi’s at the crotch, it’s cute girls from space, and boobs. We’ve asked our good friend John to combine the two, in hopes of spawning a few nostalgic boners.

If we missed any, please post them below (sexy links are acceptable).

Any Chick From Avatar

Let’s face it, the blue man group has nothing on this rack because, well, it’s blue and she’s hot. And they’re not. From the movie Avatar.

The Invisible Girl

Don’t get me wrong, i never said we were doing just aliens. But Jessica Alba was definitely aboard a space station, thus her very supple cleavage made it into space.


Up until Enterprise debuted several years back, only a Star Trek fanboy living in his mother’s basement and has never had sex in his life could tell you a Vulcan was hot, and believe it. But then came Tpol and look at her. I’d have her crazy alien babies any day.


Ok, I had to throw in a cartoon version to satisfy the fucked up crowd out there that enjoys toon-tits (As I raise my hand to join that crowd), and it was a tough call between Lela and Amy Wong, both from Futurama. In the end, because of her crazy ability to kick your ass, and the fact that her rack distracts you from the fact that she has only one eye, Leela wins. Please excuse me while I clean up…


No list of great space racks could ever be complete without Lycia Naff, playing Mary in Total Recall. Who the hell am I talking about? The three boobed chick. All three are equal parts awesome and sexy, and hey, the more the merrier, right? Also, chill the fuck out. You knew we wouldn’t censor those titties without hooking you up with the original.


Admit it. Like any other man woman or child, the first time you saw Alien, when Sigourney Weaver (playing Ripley) got down to her panties for the final fight with the alien, your jaw dropped. Mine did too, it’s ok, it’s Sigourney Weaver. Well, Sigourney Weaver 30 years ago. I wouldn’t hit it now, of course….


It’s Sil. From Species. Do we need to say any more? Also, we’ve uploaded the sex scene. It’s NSFW so click here at your own risk.

Princess Leia

Of course I would round out my list with her. She seems so forgotten in todays hustle and bustle world, amongst racks like Pamela Anderson, Jessica Alba, Dolly Parton. Leia, however, will always hold a place in my heart. And by heart, I of course mean spank-bank.

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