40 Signs You drank Too Much

You went on a date but were so tired that decided to take a nap on a mat

We’ve all done it, but usually when we do, we do it on the couch and wake up with funny paintings on our face. But if you’ve got no friends and no where to go, you’re likely one of the following top 41.

Someone took a cool photo with you dead drunk on it and this picture became an internet hit

You have decided to wash up in the toilet

Toilet – there’s no better place to sleep

I always puke where I sit so the stinky people don’t sit near me

You make love to an invisible man

Where am I? What is this horrible place? Who is this? What did happen yesterday?

Even where there’s no place to sit, you manage to find yourself a place to sleep

Now I literally know the meaning of “You are in deep shit” 🙂

You want beer so badly, that even when your upper body part is paralized you can be found in the near shop

The gardener doesn’t even wake you

You’re walking on train tracks with cones on your head

You’re using your hand as a pillow

You passed out standing up

Foot on the bench, body on the floor

No shirt, Mumm’s, champagne flute and a suitcase?

Only Batman himself can handle 14 zombies

“Slow Hand” can’t handle the booze

No sink, no toilet, urinal it is

Nuff said

You’re spooning a bench

You piss where you sleep where I wait for the bus

You’re trying to cheat on your wife with an ATM machine

You are the Hasselhoff

You destroyed the toilet

You’re this thing

You shouldn’t have been driving

The crosswalk is a crosscrawl

You were Santa

You are Verne Troyer and you’re on the run

You opened the door with your face

You woke up naked on the driveway

You wet your pants. You’re 42 years-old

You slept in a noble fir Christmas tree?

You slept on the stove and in the sink

You try to conceal your identity while looking at the camera

No guys even bothered…

Your buddy was ‘pretending’ to be a chick

You pretend you are that penguin stuffed animal

Any place and any time is nap time


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