The Fantastic Photography of Clark Little

You can find out more about Clark at his website

Clark travels the world presenting his photographs on the big screen. For his summer tour schedule please visit this page.

His book called “The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little” will be available exclusively through his website and is expected to be released in July/August 2009. $1 of each copy sold will be donated to charity.

His stunning photos can be purchased in a number of different sizes directly through his website, and I highly recommend them as they’re truly spectacular.

Please know that I’m getting no financial gain whatsoever from this recommendation or this article, I simply enjoy supporting great artists in any way I can and Clark’s work is certainly worthy of this recommendation.

“I enjoy the power and beauty of the thick bombs that roll through. Now I can capture some of those heavy moments without getting slammed. Well, most of the time.” Clark Little

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