12 Beautiful Photos of Infrared Trees

As some of you probably know by my previous posts, I’m fascinated by trees. There’s something really soothing and calming about them to me. Here is a a selection of 12 beautiful infrared trees. Some of these images have undergone heavy post-processing, and all of these examples display the names of the photographers, along with links to their websites.

In infrared photography, the film or image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light. Because everyday objects reflect infrared in proportions that differ sharply from that of visible light, the tonal relationships are wildly unexpected. Such near-infrared techniques used in photography give subjects an exotic, antique look. Green vegetation becomes white, whereas human skin becomes pale and ghostly.

Roie Galitz (top), MichiLauke (above 2)



Steve Castle

Cavagna Ottavio

Bruna Marchioro


Scott Pruett

Musin Yohan

Mark Bond

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