20 Signs You May Be About to Die

Cliff Jumping

I recall reading about an obscure native culture in which the concept of death is fluid rather than fixed. You might be “dead” (somewhat sick), “very dead” (extremely ill) or “completely dead” (actually deceased) according to their terminology. The following 20 funny photos have been organized by these darkly funny and fatalistic categories! Believe it or not, the image above is completely real – the photograph was taken in Lysefjorden, Norway.
Shark Coming

Bull Coming

Bike Flipping

Dead (aka Somewhat Sick): The above victims may survive their ordeals but will certainly have some scars an bruises to show for them. A shark bite here, broken nose there and a few gore marks later these traumatized sports players, spectators and commuters all have priceless photos to document their near-death experiences.

People Falling

Man Falling

Truck 2

Truck 1

About to Fall

Very Dead (Extremely Ill): The top set of photos, while completely unretouched via Photoshop, was of course staged. A French photographer hired hip-hop dancers to jump and appear to be falling on the sidestreets of France. The latter group of images, though, depict dizzying near-death automotive accidents. How do you suppose that last guy got out in time?!

Train Ending

Tower Ending

Log Coming

Bridge Ending

Balloon Ending

Ball Coming


Completely Dead (Actually Deceased): While nothing is sure in life, everything is certain in death and few of the above-featured individuals seem likely to make it out alive. To be fair, a few from this last category have ‘gone under the knife’ so to speak and become victims of Photoshop (good news for the ‘victims’ they feature), though they are nonetheless entertaining after their digital ’surgery’!

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